Thursday, July 14, 2011

More FROG Theme downloads coming your way…

Just finished my 2nd Masters class today…all about Understanding Backwards Design! Loved the class and can’t wait to use it in lesson/unit planning!

I will be posting my B.U.I.L.D math centers headings that I post on the wall above my math tubs. Here is a picture from my classroom…


I have many others, as well as pictures of my FACE wall, have to track them down, think they are on my old laptop.

I appreciate all of the downloads and comments about my FACE letters that I posted on TpT,

As I was looking for BUILD pictures I noticed that I forgot a file to include. Have to make a trip to school to get a different jump drive! Hope the janitors will let me in for just a minute. Will post that free to go along with the FACE!


Anonymous said...

Could you explain what BUILD stands for? It looks really interesting (I tried to read what you had under each letter but I coudn't make it out)...I look forward to your post so that I can get a closer look. Thanks!

Jackie said...

Hey check my most recent post you will find a file that tells all about BUILD and what each letter means. Hope it helps...dont hesitate to ask!

Shannon said...

I printed the file off of TPT but I had a few issues and thought that maybe I am missing a file? Your complete picture shows the ing on the paper like the build but it did not come with unit and my mathetician does not have the s on the end. Is there any way I can get those files from you? My email is I really love your ideas and I am incorporating them in my classroom. Thank you for all that you do!!!

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