Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day5-Movie and Popcorn

What fun...with Open Season 2!

Day 6-Track and Field Day

We lucked out to a dry day-storms that night and even with the extreme morning cloud cover we still had some sunburned kiddos.

Day 7-PJ Day

Always a comfy day!

Day 8-Lunch in Our Room!

Yum Yum...we had a fun time!

Day 9-Hat Day

Teacher Appreciation Day

Thank you so much for the wonderful cards and goodies, REALLY I appreciate you all!

Day 10-Water Balloons at the Reading Counts Party

What an awesome day for Reading Counts Party. Mrs. Stewart always does a super job putting it together and we love her!
Anna earned 500+ Reading Counts Points this year, and is still reading and quizzing!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 11-Cinco De Mayo

Day 11 will bring a Cinco De Mayo celebration along with watching our 5th grade buddies do their "egg drop."

Our Pinata

Day 12

Today is Mystery/Guest Reader Day...who will be our readers....only time will tell! Shhh
Reader #1-Mrs. Jahnsen
Photo to Come
Reader #2-Our fantastic school secretary...Mrs. Altemeyer
Photo to Come
Reader #3-Mr. Frohman (Hobert's Dad)
"America the Beautiful" and "To Many Toys"
Reader #4-Jason-Our Super maintence man!
"The Tool Box"

Reader #5-Mrs. Fisher-Our awsome School Nurse
"The Nurse from the Black Lagoon"

Reader #6-Karen Davis-Cool School Custodian
"Dust Bunnies Rhyme"

Reader #7- Mrs. Koepke-Para and Shelby's Mom
Reader #8-Mr. Smith-Our Princi "pal"
"The Frog Principal"
We had a great day and enjoyed all of our readers! A GREAT BIG 1st grade thank you to all of our visitors today!!

Day 14-Day 13

Getting a bit behind on making my posts...the end of the year is always so crazy!! Day 14 was spent with Mrs. Femmer while I was at a RTI (response to intervention) conference...WOW...Pat Quinn the RTI Guy was awesome. Looking forward to getting more into the materials. Also started back "physically" working on my masters degree at MoBap. Took an online class this winter, I need to interact and not with the computer so back to the classroom. All that the instructor could say was you will write "a big stinkin' paper" UGH! Back to Day 14-Chalk Fun...NOT! It was to wet and yucky to take it out. Day 13-Beach Day-what fun, we listened to Beach Boys music and hung out on our towels throughout the room, but I forgot my camera at home pictures! :0(

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday May 2, 2011

Heading to an RTI conference in St. Louis. Looking forward to the information, but have a lot going on at school to be gone to! Leaving my kiddos in the safe and lovable hands of Mrs. Femmer!
                 HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK to all my pals!
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